Promise You Won’t Forget Me?

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Matthew O’Reilly is a veteran emergency medical technician on Long Island, New York. Last year, Mr. O’Reilly gave a TED talk about his experiences with people on the brink of death. In the talk, he reflects on the thousands of people he has treated after horrendous car accidents, traumas, and countless other emergency situations. Throughout his lengthy career of rescues … Read More

Needed: Funeral Director and Storyteller

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Life Stories: The Art of Story Telling

I’m not a funeral director, but I think I figured out what would be my favorite part of the job. I would love to write life stories everyday. Oh, I’m sorry, do you refer to them as obituaries? First of all, I challenge you to drop that term and embrace a new one, the life story. The life story is … Read More

How Makeup Got Me Moving

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My grandmother died yesterday. Cecilia Roberts lived a life packed with love, laughter and family. She was a true Italian woman with beautiful dark hair and eyes to match. She had hands made to cook and to comfort, and a heart full of kindness and strength. I woke up this morning and couldn’t seem to get out of bed. It … Read More

Oh, the Ambiance You’ll Create!

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Creating Ambiance

There is a restaurant in town that you’ve been meaning to check out. You’ve smartly made reservations ahead of time, and you eagerly approach the front of the restaurant. You enter the dimly lit eatery and are taken on a sense driven journey: you can feel the plush booths the color of a ripe cherry, you see the bustling kitchen; … Read More

The Night Before Christmas!

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The Night Before Christmas

What makes Christmas Eve so special? Is it the magic that everyone seems to see and believe on December 24th? Is it the possibility of hearing a small clatter on the roof, or seeing a surprise under the tree? Or is It simpler: just a day and night dedicated to family, rich with tradition. Whether it’s an assortment of fish … Read More