We Dare You to Color Outside the Lines

We have re-engineered our digital projection system to be only and exactly what you envision. Introducing the Envision System Experience that comes with infinite possibilities. Watch in astonishment as your walls are transformed into digital canvases for our graphic design artists to paint customized masterpieces every day, for every service, for you and your community to enjoy.

Watch and Listen…

Morrissett Life Celebration Home of Richmond, Virginia

The best part? The Envision System Experience is only available for Level 1 members of the Life Celebration Community. This means that once you join our innovative group, your competitor will never be able to have the Envision System Experience or any other piece of the Life Celebration pie. So hurry up and grab your territory before it’s too late!

For more information on receiving an installation quote, membership quote, and timeline, call us at 888-887-3782