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Choosing to be a community member is a big deal. And it isn’t for the faint of heart. We actually warn funeral professionals not to join because of the influx of business and passion that erupts after becoming a Life Celebration® Community Member.



If You Don’t Like to Share, Then This Is the Program for You!

When you become a Life Celebration® Community Member, you can rest assured that your competitor near by will not get the program or any parts of it. Nothing, nada, zip! Why not? Because almost immediately, you will see that the materials we produce which lead to the experiences you create, will cause such a buzz that people will be dying to see…I know bad joke! The point is, the minute your competition gets a sniff of what you’re up to, they will call us, and we will politely tell them to hit the road. Know that we always prequalify each funeral home location to make sure no one’s toes are getting squished! Become the exclusive Life Celebration® provider in your area now!

Note: Exclusivity is only available on the Community Member Level.

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Reviewer Upset About Exclusivity

We have a strict exclusivity policy in effect for our existing Level 1 Members. It’s the main draw of becoming a community member. If you are within a certain mile radius of a specific funeral home, we will have to break up with you. It does happen, check out this guy’s review of us on our Facebook page



Whipping Funeral Directors into Shape Since 2006!

Rocky had Mick, Daniel had Mr. Miyagi, and Luke Skywalker had Yoda: all great teachers with experience, knowledge, and pizazz. We can proudly say that the training and consulting arm of Life Celebration® is of the same caliber as the gents mentioned above.

So what makes our training so unique? I’ll break it down for you in boxing gloves:

The teachers, Jim Cummings and Brian Givnish, are actual licensed funeral directors. They’ve lived the life, they know the reality of the biz, and best of all they’re nuts so you will not only be informed but also highly entertained!

Jim is an Experience Economy Expert. That’s a big deal. It’s a certification you can only receive after you go through an intense and scary training course with the authors of the book The Experience Economy B. Joseph Pine and Jim Gilmore. Robert Stevens, founder of The Geek Squad, is an Experience Economy Expert too! Pretty cool right?

Our curriculum teaches you how to TRANSFORM everyday funerals into experiences. The comprehensive training covers every step of the funeral process from the first call, to the patient transfer, to the arrangement conference, and so on.

Community members get additional training thanks to the magic of the inter-webs! You will receive supplemental e-learning courses as enrichment and follow-up. Also, we have basic training courses built for new hires as well!

Packages & Preferred Pricing

Packages and Preferred Pricing

Let’s Get Ready to Bundle!

We joyfully offer our Community Members preferred pricing AND the ability to order packages! You will always have the ability to order à la carte as well, but the packages are loaded up with all of the products needed to stage an exceptional experience. And the piéce de résistance is that all product prices discounted for community members only.

Marketing and Branding

Marketing & Branding

Extra! Extra!

Need an ad? How about some brochures? Looking for an updated casket book? We can help you! Becoming a community member gives you access to our marketing and design team to help you create promotional materials that will get you noticed! We have a way with words around here if you couldn’t tell! Again, this is a benefit to Community Level Members only!



Smell That? Experiences are Cookin’!

Life Celebration® has partnered with ScentAir® to implement an ambient scent program for your funeral home as a new way to achieve a comforting environment while welcoming loved ones and enhancing your remembrance event. Your families will envision their childhood kitchen, as their mom takes a piping hot pie out of the oven. They will be taken back to the forest where they spent many early mornings hunting with their fathers and uncles. Inhaling the leathery scent of their grandfather’s car, they’ll remember relaxing Sunday drives.

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Custom Websites

Custom Websites

The Jackie O of Funeral Websites

Simple, neat, and gorgeous: a few words that have been used to describe the websites we have built. Allow us to design you a beautiful, custom website. You will work one-on-one with our web designer and project manager to tailor the site exactly to your specifications. We are partnered with and will have no problem integrating your historical obituaries. Let’s get you up and running, call us now for more information.


Custom Websites


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To inquire about how much it costs to become a Level 1 Community member, call us at 888-887-3782.