Our Staff is as Diverse As Our Members And The Families They Serve

meet our team

Our team is as diverse as our members and the families they serve. We are funeral directors, production artists, Certified Experience Experts and graphic designers, and we are here to help your team transform the expected funeral service into an unexpected opportunity for your clients to honor their loved one and begin the grieving and healing process.

Kathleen Bongarzone

George Braunstein

Jim Cummings

Shannon Cummings

Gina DiPasquale

Jonathan Eli

Doug Emerson

Melissa Gagnon

Brian Givnish

Gerry Givnish

Jerry Givnish

Pat Givnish

Gabriella Grant

Jim Heald

Heather Hoffmann

Roni Howard

Christina Juskalian

Jared Keller​

Brittany Kenworthy

Kwan Lee

Elizabeth Livingston

Nick Lofton

Caryn Newton

L.B. Rebstock

Justin Robinson

Tim Schools

Dustin Schumacher

Kira Shumski

Rob Sinacori

Nicholas Singer

Katie Treadway