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Members of the Life Celebration Community are future-focused funeral directors who understand that providing the best possible service to their clients means creating a unique memorial experience that allows each family the opportunity to honor and recognize their loved one and the life he/she lived. Our comprehensive training program enables our members to reconsider their approach to client service and find new and exciting ways to create immersive experiences infused with personal touches sure to make an impact on every family and their guests. Additionally, Life Celebration members enjoy an exclusivity that prohibits any competing funeral homes within a reasonable determined radius from joining our community, maximizing the opportunity to elevate their reputation for delivering funeral experiences unlike any others in their region.

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Along with years of firsthand experience, our business is rooted in the philosophy introduced in the best-selling book, The Experience Economy: Work Is Theater & Every Business a Stage. Written by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore, The Experience Economy explains that businesses add value to their bottom line by orchestrating memorable experiences that result in customers creating memories.  Our leadership team includes four certified Experience Economy experts, who conduct customized, in-depth training sessions with new members on-site at their  funeral homes.

During Life Celebration’s exclusive
membership training, our team will:

Assist Staff in recognizing necessary client touchpoints;

Identify Best practices in recognizing necessary client touchpoints;

Offer Beneficial Tools in recognizing necessary client touchpoints;

Establish a Collaborative Environment in recognizing necessary client touchpoints;

Review Life Celebration’s Easy-To-Use ONLINE ORDERING platform; and

Save Time for entire staff by taking the hassle out of creating products.

& Perks

Life Celebration members are a community of dedicated funeral professionals committed to changing the way people think about the process of saying goodbye to their loved ones.

As members, they take advantage
of multiple benefits, including:

Access to a team of licensed funeral directors, creative professionals, production artists, Certified Experience Economy Experts and generally cool people, dedicated to making each member’s vision a reality;

All-Inclusive Training that redefines their approach to client service;

Completely Customizable Products that are made-to-order and delivered directly to your door within 24 hours;

Full access to Life Celebration Intellectual Property and Exclsuive Use of the Life Celebration® trademark within a reasonable determined radius;

Ongoing Education and Training Opportunities, along with chances to network and share best practices with fellow members.