why we train your team

Along with years of firsthand experience, our business is rooted in the philosophy introduced in the best-selling book, The Experience Economy: Work Is Theater & Every Business a Stage. Written by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore, the Experience Economy explains that businesses add value to their bottom line by orchestrating and staging memorable experiences that result in customers creating memories. Our leadership team includes four certified Experience Economy experts, who conduct customized, in-depth training sessions with new members on-site at their funeral homes.

Training is ongoing throughout Membership and continues through our exclusive E-Learning platform and customized Webinar Courses. 

What To Expect During Training:

Led by certified Experience Economy experts Gerry Givnish, Jim Cummings, Shannon Cummings and Brian Givnish, Life Celebration training goes in-depth to help our members reconsider their approach to creating memorable experiences, strengthening their reputation in the marketplace and maximizing a return on their exclusive membership.

Life Celebration training also covers everything from membership resources and appropriate client touchpoints to arrangement co-creation and best practices for the collection of memories. Plus, our team will provide in depth instructions on how to stage an experience and utilize our online ordering system, so members can take advantage of Life Celebration’s unique and custom offerings.

What's Inside?

Jim Cummings - Vice President

Jim Cummings

Vice President - Chief Experience Officer

Jim Cummings, vice president and chief experience officer of Life Celebration, is a licensed funeral director and certified Experience Economy expert who has personally trained thousands of funeral professionals in the art of creating unique experiences. After being struck with inspiration from The Experience Economy: Work Is Theater & Every Business a Stage, Jim and Gerry Givnish realized that the funeral profession could grow exponentially if traditional services were transformed into more memorable events. With his unique combination of real-world knowledge, deep background in experience strategy and passion for changing people’s perceptions, Jim provides strategic recommendations for all Life Celebration members.

Brian Givnish

Brian Givnish

Director of Training & Development

Brian Givnish, director of training and development of Life Celebration, is a licensed funeral director and certified Experience Economy expert who has grown up and worked in every aspect of the funeral profession. A go-to resource for additional training material, including Life Celebration’s on-demand webinar series, Brian dedicates his time to assuring that members benefit from their exclusive perks while educating them on the importance of creating memorial experiences.

Gerry Givnish - President

Gerry Givnish


Gerry Givnish, president of Life Celebration, is a third-generation funeral director with over 40 years of professional experience. Over a decade ago, Gerry along with Jim Cummings established Life Celebration, Inc. after reading The Experience Economy: Work Is Theater & Every Business a Stage and recognizing that experience-based events would help funeral professionals bring new value to their business and improve their market shares. As a licensed funeral director and certified Experience Economy expert, Gerry oversees critical member training and provides firsthand business counseling exclusively to members.

Shannon Cummings

Shannon Cummings

Director of Marketing Communications

Shannon Cummings, director of marketing communications of Life Celebration, elevates membership training due to her experience with brand awareness and years of professional knowledge. A certified Experience Economy expert and graduate of Holy Family University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Shannon is also a contributor to publications including, The Director Magazine, Funeral Business Advisor Magazine and