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We are the industry leader in designing, creating, and shipping customized memorial products for funeral homes all over America and in one Canadian town! We make it super simple for you to give your families an unbelievable, jaw-dropping experience.

What makes us so damn good?


In the words of Bob Dylan, “The Times they are a changin’” and we have pounced on the opportunity to innovate this cobweb-filled, creaky-floored, lackluster industry. We hear the desperate call of funeral professionals and families yearning for something more when it comes to traditional funerals. Well, we have it ladies and gents, and we can’t wait to serve you the sizzle and the steak you’ve been craving.

Our line of products and designs are fresh, energizing, healing, spirited, and personal; encouraging families to bask in the light of their loved one’s life, while brightening their darkest days.

It’s so easy a funeral director can do it!
(We kid, we kid!)

All you have to do is upload photos, choose the products you want, tell our fabulous team of graphic designers about the deceased (likes, hobbies, interests, favorite food, prayers, quotes, music…you get the idea), and that’s it! The designers will call you when a proof is ready for you to review. Once you give us the go-ahead, your order is sent to print, prepared, kitted, shipped, and just like that, the order will arrive on your doorstep the next day, completely ready to go with absolutely no assembly required! Cue the sunshine, angels, and classical music.

Gimmie, Gimmie!

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We want you to start wowing your families ASAP! But there is a big decision to make before that can happen. We offer two levels of membership.

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Hello! Hola! Bonjour!


Who’s Who?

We are a cast of characters at Life Celebration, but all joking aside we have a talented bunch of misfits who are completely qualified to help you transform funerals into Life Celebrations. The inmates run the asylum around here, so in alphabetical order, meet our incredibly gorgeous team!

Melissa Ahn - Photo Book Designer

Melissa Ahn
Photo Book Designer

Savannia Boileau - Graphic Designer

Savannia Boileau
Graphic Designer

Kathleen Bongarzone - Chief Culture Office

Kathleen Bongarzone
Chief Culture Officer and Senior Graphic Designer

George Braunstein - Production

George Braunstein
Production, Finishing and Fulfillment

Renato Brion - Production

Renato Brion
Finishing and Fulfillment

Jim Cummings - Vice-President

Jim Cummings
Vice President, Chief Experience Officer and Licensed Funeral Director

Shannon Cummings - Director of Marketing Communications

Shannon Cummings
Director of Marketing Communications

Carolyn Diana - Graphic Designer

Carolyn Diana
Graphic Designer

Jonathan Eli - igen4 Operator

Jonathan Eli
Xerox Certified iGen 4
Operator and Fulfillment

Doug Emerson - iGen4 Operator

Doug Emerson
Lead Xerox Certified iGen 4 Operator and Fulfillment

Brian Givnish - Training and Development

Brian Givnish
Training and Development

Gerry Givnish - President

Gerry Givnish
President and Licensed Funeral Director

Jerry Givnish - Chief Financial Officer

Jerry Givnish
Chief Financial Officer

Pat Givnish - Production

Pat Givnish
Production, Finishing and Fulfillment

Suzy Givnish - Quality Control Manager

Suzanne Givnish
Quality Control Manager

Heather Hoffmann - General Manager

Heather Hoffmann
General Manager and Senior Graphic Designer

Katie Hopple - Lead Photobook Designer

Katie Hopple
Lead Photo Book Designer and Production Assistant

Christina Juskalian - Graphic Designer

Christina Juskalian
Graphic Designer

Brittany Kenworthy - Graphic Designer

Brittany Kenworthy
Graphic Designer

Elizabeth Livingston
Graphic Designer

L.B. Rebstock - Production

L.B. Rebstock
Production, Fulfillment and Logistics

Dustin Schumacher - Graphic Designer

Dustin Schumacher
Graphic and Web Designer,
Certified iGen 4 Operator

Robbie Sinacori
Manager of Production, Fulfillment and Logistics, Certified iGen 4 Operator

Angela Sinicropi - Graphic Designer

Angela Sinicropi
Graphic Designer

Take a Peak!

We’d love for you to come into our offices and training facility to see the magic happen firsthand, but if you can’t visit us in-person, here is a look at our office that houses two Xerox iGen4 digital printers, wide format printers, ultra violet flatbed printers, electronic cutters, folding and stitching equipment, Summa flatbed cutter, heat press, shrink wrap equipment, a Mac design studio, and much, much more! We also build our own photobooks here too. So hah, competitors! We’re so much cooler than you!